Working together to deliver energy security and achieve net zero.

Our Commitment

Leading governments and companies have set an ambitious path to net zero, with many setting 2030 as the target date for the first phase of this essential global objective. To meet those goals, we must bring more zero-emissions nuclear power online. As the cleanest form of power generation that provides utility companies with a reliable, cost-effective, and carbon-free power source, nuclear is not just a piece of the energy transition, it is the linchpin.

As essential as nuclear is to accelerate the energy transition, so too is the need to diversify global uranium supply chains. Today, more than 71% of uranium production is from state-owned or quasi-controlled companies. Energy security allied nations targeting net-zero need stable supply chains. For that to happen, more companies must commit to meeting those needs.

To ensure this valuable resource is used responsibly throughout its entire lifecycle, our commitment to energy security allies targeting net zero is to:

Only sell to nations who are allied for energy security and targeting net zero

Why this matters: We want our customers to be confident that they will not be directly or indirectly funding nations that don't demonstrate peaceful respect for other countries in working with us.

Maintain a checklist of standards for all partners in the chain of custody of our uranium

Why this matters: Doing so is the right thing to do, and it’s smart business. Working with NexGen will minimize geopolitical risks for regulators, our customers, end-users, local partners and investors.

Keep our supply chain and operations onshore in these nations to guarantee the highest levels of security, safety, labor standards, and local community partnership

Why this matters: Our industry-leading standards will make NexGen a supplier of choice, and we expect our partners to uphold those same standards so our customers benefit from our sustainable and secure supply chain.

Advocate for policies that support sensibly produced uranium to set a new standard for the industry

Why this matters: Working together as energy security allies, we must be willing to lead on and support policies that reflect our values and national security interests to achieve energy independence.

NexGen's Rook I Project

NexGen's Rook I Project is being developed into the largest source of low-cost uranium globally, which will deliver 29 million pounds of high-grade uranium annually, generating enough energy to power 46 million homes, that's the equivalent of the top five populous U.S. states—California, Texas, Florida, New York, and Pennsylvania. Visit our flagship Rook I Project to learn how NexGen is innovating to secure the energy transition.

NexGen Energy Ltd. is a Canadian company committed to innovating to secure the energy transition. The company will bring its high-grade uranium to market this decade through a volume-based contracting strategy not yet used in uranium markets but has been successful for other commodities. Furthermore, NexGen is taking a modern approach to mining by ensuring the implementation of industry-leading environmental and social standards from first discovery through remediation.