SW2 Overview


Project Development and Exploration


Southwest Athabasca Basin

The SW2 Property (the “Property”) is a group of contiguous land claims totaling 84,651 hectares, located in the Southwest Athabasca Basin, approximately 150 km north of La Loche. The Rook I Project, which hosts the Arrow Deposit, makes up the largest portion of the SW2 land package. In addition to the Arrow Deposit, the Property is host to the Bow, Cannon, South Arrow, and Harpoon discoveries.

Since the acquisition of the Property in 2012, NexGen has conducted numerous geophysical surveys, particularly along the Patterson Corridor (“PC”), which currently hosts two major uranium deposits discovered since 2012, along with numerous other uranium showings. Geophysical surveys conducted under NexGen’s tenure include:

  • DC Resistivity (2013)
  • Ground Gravity (2013 and 2015)
  • VLF-EM (2013 and 2016)
  • VTEM (2014)
  • Radon in Water (2015)
  • Airborne Gravity (2016)
  • ZTEM (2016)
  • 3D Resistivity (2016 and 2017)
  • Ground Gravity (2022)
  • Hi-Res Magnetics (2023 and 2024)

The resulting geophysical signatures on SW2, particularly the PC, have played an integral role in highlighting prospective target areas for uranium mineralization. This includes strong conductive signatures with numerous offsets coincident with discrete gravity lows and steep magnetic gradients. Drill testing geophysical targets of this nature has led to numerous uranium discoveries, including the high-grade Arrow Deposit which is the largest development-stage uranium deposit in Canada.

Current Exploration

Exploration is focused on discovery by assessing, prioritizing, and testing the best target areas. This includes the recent discovery on Patterson Corridor East (PCE) as well as structurally complex corridors elsewhere on the SW2 dispositions. All current target areas exhibit similar geophysical characteristics to Arrow – building from this successful exploration model and applying it rigorously.